Get in on the March Madness!

Basketball has always been a love of mine. As a result, I want to share my excitement with you and invite you to join Green Fire Farm's March Madness pool! Just create an account on our site, and then follow this link: http://greenfirefarm.mayhem.cb... and fill out a bracket! For joining us, we're gonna give you a $5 coupon for our online store for a future purchase of grass-fed beef, lamb, eggs, pork, and more!! If you're so lucky (or good!) and your Cinderella makes it to the top and you win the pool, you'll find yourself with a $25 gift card from Green Fire Farm! Because we're so Mad, for every 50 people to enter, we'll give away another $25 gift card so invite your friends!

Farmer Jake's Take: March

On the farm, I've been enjoying the sun's trek higher in the sky. Though the air is cold, the sunshine is warm, and I've been enjoying my shirtless time! Egg Update: Daily egg production is 195-215 (~17 dozen/day)! ​ I knew looking ahead to my calendar for March that this month was gonna be full of up's and down's. And I mean FULL. I'm not complaining, this is natural for a farmer. It comes with the territory, and I've learned to try to embrace the stress. Having said that, I'm far from immune from having negative reactions to increased stress, but I've noticed that each passing year I'm capable of accomplishing more and more in the face of increased responsibilities and stress. Reflecting on that is rewarding and makes me smile!

Food Chain Chronicles

​*This article was previously hosted on a UW-Madison connected website, Food Chain Chronicles, but is currently offline. It was originally written by Lucas Marty (Jacob's younger brother), a graduate of UW-Madison, for one of his nutrition and wellness courses in 2015.* Food Chain Chronicles: JACOB MARTY, GRASS-FED LIVESTOCK MANAGER

Farmer Jake's Take: February

Grazing and farmers markets can’t come soon enough! February is a bit of a bipolar time. It's a time of excitement and anxiousness, but can also be a time of lethargy and grumpiness. After getting excessive Vitamin D for most of the year, we really start to feel the lack of it about now, or at least that's what I tell myself.