Alternate Pick-up Options

On-farm Pickup, Market Pick-up, and Local "Meat-up"

Want to Visit the Farm?

Don't Live Near a Current Location?

Can't Make Your Local Pick-up? 

We have a few options available!

 Need your order fast, or can't make a scheduled pick-up? We understand! We can work with you to pick up at the farm, at a market that we are vending at, or possibly a local "meat-up".

Pick-up at Green Fire Farm

We encourage you to bring out your friends and family to see where your food is coming from. The farm speaks for itself, but pictures can't do it justice! If you want to see the farm for yourself, just select Green Fire Farm as your location (you can change it to another location for future orders, if need-be) and place an order. It works best if you can come during the scheduled date and time, but we can usually accommodate you if needed. Just make a note on your order, and we'll do our best to coordinate an alternate pick-up time with you.


Market Pick-up

Coming into town anyways? Pre-order and pick-up at a local farmers market that we are vending at. Currently we vend at the Oak Park, Andersonville and Evanston Farmers Markets, but may vend at more in the future. Many of our customers choose this option to guarantee that we have their products in stock at the market. 

Local "Meat-Up" 

Alternatively, we run errands and have lives just like you! We often visit nearby towns weekly, and major cities monthly. Maybe we can meet in the middle, or catch you on our way through? You can place an order with Green Fire Farm as your location and make a note in the checkout process, and we can communicate the next available time we'll be near or passing through your area. If possible, we may be able to deliver to your home for a modest fee.


Start a Pick-up Location in Your Neighborhood

Enrich your community by hosting us a handful of times throughout the year so that your friends and family, and whole neighborhood can enjoy good food! You can apply to Start a New Location, and we can discuss and help this happen. A driveway, garage, or quiet neighborhood works well! Alternatively, a local institution like a public library, church or school parking lot, or business could work as well. Let's discuss!