About Pick-up Options

See all the options to get your meat in the most convenient way for you below!

Farmer's Market Season Pick-up

During the farmers market season you can still pre-order and pick-up your purchases and the booth we are vending at. You may have to take a stroll around the market the first week to find us, but there's always so much to enjoy! We currently vend at Oak Park, Andersonville and Evanston Farmers Markets.

**SKIP THE LINE** When you pre-order before market you get to skip the line! Walk up to the side of the table, tell us your name, and grab n' go! You can also pre-order your eggs. If you've been to the market before you know we can sell out! Preordering your items makes sure you leave with a fresh dozen eggs

Pick-up at Green Fire Farm

Bring the family, bring the friends, and bring your appetite for pick up on the farm! We are ALL about transparency, knowing your farmer, meeting your meat, and all that good stuff other people hide away. We've got nothing we won't share with you on the farm. If you want to see the farm for yourself at a quick glance just select Green Fire Farm as your location (you can change it to another location for future orders) and place an order. If yo u want the full fledged farm tour, shoot us an email at greenfirefarmwi@gmail.com to schedule a meat pick up and farm tour. Sundays usually work best! Afterwards head into New Glarus or Monroe and dine at one of the many restaurants, or even take a tour at the New Glarus brewery.

Any of our Multiple Locations in WI and IL

When you sign up for an account you can pick any one of our multiple pick-up locations shown in the Pick Locations tab This location is usually near the farmer's market we go to in the summer, but many are in other locations as well. Chose what is most convenient for you! These Pick-ups are year round. If anything changes or we encounter trouble on the road, we'll update you with emails.


Start a Pick-up Location in Your Neighborhood

Have a group of friends, neighbors, or fresh egg lovers that want to by from the farm? You can apply to Start a New Location, and we can discuss and help this happen. A driveway, garage, or quiet neighborhood works well! Alternatively, a local institution like a public library or business interested could work as well.