Meet Your Farmers Below!

Welcome to our farm website! We are so happy you searched out, were recommended, or stumbled upon our farm. In case you haven’t met us at a busy farmers market, on farm for a tour, or at one of our pickup locations, we’ll introduce ourselves here for the time being; but as well as animal people, we are people persons too! We hope to meet you soon. --Jacob and Carly
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Farmer Carly and Farmer Jacob at our Market tent
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Farmer Jacob

Green Fire Farm started when Jacob Marty, owner, was faced with a decision on returning to his 6th generation family’s farm or continue pursuing a career in wildlife ecology. In 2015 as a recent graduate of UW Steven’s Point his passion was focused on conservation, healthy ecosystems, and wildlife education. His father, Jim Marty, had already sold his dairy cows so upon returning Jacob had a blank canvas to paint his ideal farm dream. Instead of continuing the legacy of dairy his family had, Jacob decided to incorporate his passion for conservation into agricultural practices that could help transform the farm from corn and soy annual crops into flourishing diverse perennial forage for grazing cattle. With help from his fathers’ years of experience as a dairyman, he was able to learn large animal management. But on top of that, he read, studied, and excitedly implemented new practices on the farm, like rotational grazing, focusing on carbon sequestration and soil health, and bringing in heritage breeds of livestock. Jacob chose to raise his cattle as 100% grass fed and grass finished animals with no steroids, antibiotics, and or hormones to make sure the meat he worked so hard to raised was something he could not only feed his future family and community with, but yours as well. He has transitioned those same values to every animal he's brought back to the farm, including our pigs, sheep, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Jacob manages all of Green Fire Farm, including all animal operations, customer service, product pick-up and delivery, farmer's markets, and more!

Favorite Green Fire Food: Ribeye! Every Birthday Jacob picks the best looking Ribeye to celebrate himself! Its his favorite GFF meat, and he'll always recommend you celebrate your birthday with one as well.

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Farmer Carly

Carly met Jacob in 2017 after graduating from UW-Madison with a degree in Horticulture. She spent her undergrad and first year out of school studying sub-alpine and alpine species of plants in multiple gardens around the United States, and Scotland! But after she met Jacob she quickly fell in love with farming. She moved onto the farm in 2018 working part-time, and has since joined us as a full time farmer in 2022. She grew up in Kenosha WI in a non-agricultural setting and enjoys learning something surprising about the food system she depended on for so long each season. Her passion for plants, birds, insects, and fair treatment of animals has fit right in at Green Fire Farm. She went back to school for Agri-Business and Farm Equipment Operations in the Fall of 2021 at the Farm and Industry Short Course in Madison. As well as being a farmer, Carly also manages Green Fire Farm's social media and inventory.

Favorite Green Fire Farm Food: Organs! Carly loves using the entire animal to show respect to its life. She hasn't met an organ meat she didn't like, but her favorite is cow heart!

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Farmer Jim

Jim Marty (Jacob's father) is the fifth generation to live on the farm; with a lifetime of dairy farming, crop farming, and mechanical experience he truly helps with everything and anything!

Jim's specialty for Green Fire Farm is managing the cow/calf heard with Jacob and harvesting the high quality hay and hay-ledge our cattle eat all winter when they aren't grazing. He still manages his own custom heifer operation and beef production. Jim can fix anything he sets his mind to! He has helped Jacob and Carly with an encyclopedia of farming knowledge for the last 8 years, and we wouldn't be where we are without him! In his spare time Jim enjoys volunteering for the Lions Club, golfing with his sons, and going for Gator rides with his grandkids.

Favorite Green Fire Farm Food: Beef Snack sticks. In between all he does, Jim likes to snack on our beef sticks!