Get in on the March Madness!

written by

Jacob Marty

posted on

March 13, 2018


Basketball has always been a love of mine. Being coached my older brother through my childhood, and centering my social life in high school around basketball with my teammates has caused it to have a permanent place in my heart. I love following the Milwaukee Bucks and I always look forward to March Madness every year. My three brothers and I even make the time to go to the nearest hosting city to watch 6 games of the tournament live every year. We've been to Iowa City, Council Bluff, Milwaukee, Chicago, and this year Detroit!

As a result, I want to share my excitement with you and invite you to join Green Fire Farm's March Madness pool! Just create an account on our site, and then follow this link: http://greenfirefarm.mayhem.cb... and fill out a bracket!

If you're so lucky (or good!) and your Cinderella makes it to the top and you win the pool, you'll find yourself with a $25 gift card from Green Fire Farm! Because we're so Mad, for every 50 people who enter, we'll give away another $25 gift card so invite your friends!

Good luck!

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