LüSa Organics began its journey as Queen Bee's Earthly Delights in 1997. Our business (then an oversized hobby) was threatening to take over our home and our life while I worked full time as an environmental educator and my husband Pete as a solar system electrician.

Queen Bee Soaps became a full-fledged business when our first baby (son Sage) was born in 2002. We stayed intentionally small for four years while we prioritized our growing family over our growing business.

In 2006, when our second babe (daughter Lupine) was on her way, we made the plunge into Queen Bee in a big way. Pete quit his job to join us full time, and now we're rumored to be the best-smelling family in the neighborhood. We changed our name to LüSa Organics in 2008 to combine our baby and body care products under a single cohesive line. At the same time, we took our products to a new level with organic ingredients. Organic is how we eat, how we live, and now how we run our business.

As for our name, LüSa stands for Lupine and Sage, our two favorite small people. Our business orbits their lives as we live, work, play, and unschool together each day. Our intention is to leave the world a better, happier, and yes, cleaner, place for our work, so LüSa is inspired by all kids, not just ours.

LüSa Organics and the Wolf clan are based in Viroqua, Wisconsin — arguably the most magical small town on earth.

To read more about the Wolf family, visit Clean, the LüSa Organics blog.


LüSa Organics