Sheepskin (Deposit)

Sheepskin (Deposit)

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We will have sheepskins from our 2019 fall harvest available in spring or early summer 2020. We will have a limited amount available for purchase, but a deposit will reserve your spot for one of these beautiful and soft skins. Perfect for home decor, homemade projects, or gifts. With proper care, these skins should last for years and be something to cherish in your home.

Available in all white or colored. There will be 4 tiers of pricing and quality to choose from:

  • Tier 1- $200 - large, high quality, consistent soft fleece with minimal damage to hide. Great for a high visibility and cozy area. Usually colored. 
  • Tier 2- $175- large, high quality, soft fleece with moderate damage to hide* or not as soft and fluffy.
  • Tier 3- $150- either medium sized, somewhat coarser fleece, or moderate damage to hide.
  • Tier 4- $100- coarser wool, best for heavy usage areas like a living room rug or bench inside front door. 

*Note-some nicks and holes in hide are hard to completely avoid. With gentle and careful usage these cause no issues and are barely noticeable. 

Tier 1 Example:


Tier 2 Example:


Tier 3 Example: