Flavored Brat Bundle - 10 lbs

Flavored Brat Bundle - 10 lbs

10 lb bundle
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Start off and save this summer with something interesting! Bundle includes:

1 Package: Green and Gold #1 (Spinach and Cheddar Cheese)

1 Package: Door County Cherry Flavored Brats

1 Package: Beer Brats

1 Package: Italian Flavored Brats

1 Package: Southwest Pepper Jack Flavored Brats

1 Package: Supreme Pizza Flavored Brats

Other flavors you can sub in*: Giardiniera, Polish, Apple, Mushroom and Swiss, Green and Gold #2 (Green Peppers and Cheddar Cheese), Regular 

*if available

Each Package contains 6 brats (~1.66 lbs)

A great combo for a party or BBQ!