Custom 1/2 Hog Deposit

Custom 1/2 Hog Deposit

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Learn more about customizing an animal portion here.

$4.00/ lb*

*Price is per/lb hanging weight and does not include processing.
A half hog results in roughly a 88 lbs carcass (hanging weight), approximately $350.
Your take-home total is typically 75% of hanging weight, approximately 66 lbs. 
Your total will be dependent on your specific processing instructions. Learn more about customizing an animal portion here.
We ask for a $150 non-refundable** deposit to reserve your whole hog
**if a replacement buyer is not able to be located before processing

 Our next custom pork availability is Fall 2020 and will be ready for pickup in late July. Please reserve as early as possible to guarantee your spot and help us plan accordingly.

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