Welcome Our New Team Member: Anastasia!

February 10, 2018

Have you noticed an uptick in activity from Green Fire Farm's social media accounts and email communications lately? That can be attributed to the newest addition to the farm, Anastasia! Take a few minutes to learn more about Anastasia and how she helps make Green Fire Farm successful.


Name: Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

Hometown: Campbellsport, WI

Nicknames: Dimples, Muscles 

Background: Born and raised with her two brothers in Campbellsport, Anastasia loved spending time with her family and grew connected to the outdoors. Anastasia and Jacob met at UW-Stevens Point while both attending the College of Natural Resources and working together, and have been great friends ever since, bonding over a love for conservation and good food! 

Fun Fact: Generally, Anastasia is a vegetarian! But she often makes the exception to eat meat from Green Fire Farm. Her favorite is bacon on the side of Green Fire Farm's tasty open-faced egg sandwich.

Interests: Nature. She's loves trees, the forest, plants and the STARS and night skies! She has strong legs, and enjoys hiking and sleeping outdoors. She has spent months hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail. Writing is one of her best talents, and she enjoys reading as well. She has special abilities when it comes to cooking and baking, being taught in her childhood from her mother. She also enjoys spending time with the rest of her family, her dad especially, and keeping in touch with friends, old and new.

Experience: Anastasia earned a degree in Forestry: Ecosystem Restoration from UW-Stevens Point in 2015. At UW-Stevens Point, she attained and developed advanced managerial skills and experience while working in the College of Natural Resources Peer Advising Office. Her plant identification and physiology knowledge, and an ecological understanding fits in perfectly with the values and goals of Green Fire. She thinks globally, acts locally. Since 2015, Anastasia has often visited the farm multiple times a month to help out with whatever was on the to-do lists. That often entailed setting up fence and water tanks or getting prepped for the next day's farmers market long past sunset. Loading pigs, catching chickens, weaning piglets, catching lambs, tagging calves, she's done it all! She's put in a lot of free sweat and blood into the farm in the past, and is extremely familiar with what makes Green Fire Farm really go. 

Job Description: Anastasia will be starting and maintaining regular communications on social media and email, help with general farm chores and animal raising, keeping inventory and market management. In general, she will work on whatever needs to get done on the farm!

We are extremely excited to have Anastasia join the team here at Green Fire Farm. Our farm and business is centered around strong conservation ethics and values, and as we continue to mature and grow, we are devoted to building our team with Trailblazers and Community Leaders!

Anastasia is that.

Jacob Marty

Blankets of snow and resting pastures

Feb 5th, 2018


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