The Puppy's Name....Revealed!

March 27, 2018

Thank you all for the name suggestions and your input! We greatly appreciate your help in brainstorming name possibilities for our fluffy new puppy! We asked for your vote between Birdie and Ember...Well, we are very excited to finally reveal our decided name for her!

Drumroll, please!


Yes, we have decided on Freyja as the new pup's name! (Sorry everyone - Ember and Birdie just didn't fit right once she was finally home with us...)

Where did we get a name like Freyja?

Freyja is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, battle, and death. She is a warrior goddess of great wisdom and magic. As so, Freyja is known for having to choose who would die in battle and who wouldn't. She is also known and often depicted adorned with a cloak made of falcon feathers.


Now that our pup is settling in at home on the farm, her personality is really starting to emerge and she is proving to be a Freyja, through and through! Her puppy kisses are full of love and she is eager to please. Her play and puppy eyes steal any heart! Our pup is already displaying her great guardian instincts - attentive, calm, alert, and the perfect balance of cautious and brave - all signs of what we deem to be her intuitive wisdom! And her magic...have you seen the pictures? Her tail wags with whimsy! :) Furthermore, when set at her post with the poultry, our pup will have to decide who is friend or foe to the chickens. With a stretch of the imagination (and avian genetics), the feathered cloak could be made to represent the feathered friends Freyja will be guarding on our farmstead, instead.

By all of this, we are confident that our new pup will take on the greatness of her title and will be a successful guardian, loving companion, and healthy, happy being. We are blessed, fortunate, and grateful to have her as the newest addition to our farm family.


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