Behind the Scenes Look at our Free Range Eggs

August 5, 2018

Take an inside look of our laying hen hoop house and see the truth behind our eggs.... 


Free Range

Our eggs are truly free range, organic fed, and raised on pasture. This mobile structure rests on skids, making it easy and efficient to move ahead on pasture with the tractor. The sides can roll up, giving the hens totally free access to be in or out of the coop as they choose. We move the hoop house every day, to ensure the hens always have access to fresh pasture, abundant with nutritious greens and insects. Moving them daily also keeps them away from their own manure, resulting in naturally healthy birds. The birds stay safe, abundant with free roaming pasture space, by an electric net fence that rounds the outermost perimeter of the pasture area to keep out any ground predators that might predate them, otherwise.

Keeping Cool

Our hoop house helps keep our hens cool in the summer in a variety of ways. First off, there are four 55 gallon drums filled with water to ensure the hens stay hydrated. The second key factor, structure-wise, is the side openings and door ventilation windows. This allows fresh air to constantly move throughout the house in all directions, and gives the hens the choice to stay in or go out. You'll notice in the picture, too, a dark cloth hanging from the side of the hoop house; we put a shade cloth on top in the start of the season to ward off the greenhouse effect when it's hot out. The other factor that helps keep our hens cool in summer, is rotational grazing on pasture. By moving them to new tall and lush pasture grasses every day, the hens have further shade from the sun during the peak afternoon hours and keep cool in the soil beneath the leafy greens, naturally.

Healthy and Happy

Pasture-raised eggs have been found to contain more essential nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, than conventionally raised, store bought eggs. The grasses and forbes the hens consume on pasture contain those essential Omega-3s, which are then transferred to the eggs, naturally. Having outdoor access results in higher Vitamin D presence in pasture-raised eggs, too, as the hens have regular sun exposure to keep them, and their eggs, healthy. The hens do well by having plenty of free space to roam, too. They aren't stressed, cramped, or trampling on each other, as confined birds are, which results in better tasting, more nutritious, and higher quality eggs.

The Secret and You

The secret to raising healthy eggs is to raise healthy pasture to raise healthy hens on, who will then lay the healthy eggs. Giving our hens plenty of space to roam and be free, keeps them happy and healthy to do just that. Don't be deceived by supermarket labels that claim to have pasture-raised, free range eggs - come to the farm and see it for yourself. Knowing where your food comes from is one of the greatest things you can do for the health and wellness of you and your family. We want to make it easy for you - ask us questions, visit the farm, and let us share our food truths with you.

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